You asked for it: Charlie Brown (Snoopy) by Charles M.Schulz

2687344This graphic novel is  short and will take you very little time to read. With cute illustrations and with the Charlie Brown movie coming out soon, it might be a good idea to grab a copy and give it a go.

Price: You can’t get it new, but there are second-hand copies on Ebay, and I am sure you can also pick it up in charity shops for 50p.

Age: 10+ – but loads of people love snoopy, so any age will enjoy this graphic novel.

I love this book so much. It’s a lovely little book and it takes me about 20 minutes or less for me to read it. There is a short scene and is a great entertaining book. This is one of many similar snoopy books, so don’t try to find this specific one, just type in snoopy graphic novels on Ebay and many different books will come up, and all are just as enjoyable. Aimed at both genders and will please all ages.

Here is a little snippet of what the books are like…

Peanuts Comic
Peanuts Comic