Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Sorry it’s taken so long, I know last time I said that I would post weekly, but I got caught up in exam stress. Anyway, my exams are over now and I really want to start posting more regularly as I have an exciting announcement, but wait to the end to read, or you could just scroll to the end of the post, but I’d rather that you read the review. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

I finished this book in early January or February, I can’t quite remember. I was compelled to read it as it’s my mum’s favourite book, it’s a classic and I was going to see the ballet in April. Having seen a production/play of the book, read it and seen the ballet, I know the story quite well by this point.

It was a difficult book to read and get my head around as having been published 1847, the language is challenging in some sections, however, I did understand what was happening most of the time, but I needed to reach for the dictionary quite frequently. I really enjoyed reading the book overall and the storyline was very interesting with all the twists in the story. I definitely wasn’t expecting how long it would take me to read this book. Usually I am quite a fast reader and go from book to book quickly, but this book was different as it challenged me. Sometimes I enjoyed this, however, it’s not a good book to read if you’re tired or trying to relax as you really have to concentrate. Also, Charlotte Bronte seemed to drag out the conversations between Jane and Mr. Rochester, some went on for pages and pages. Anyway, I’d better get on and talk about the actual story otherwise this will be a very long review.

In terms of the actual story, it’s about a “plain” orphan named Jane Eyre who is adopted by her uncle and aunt after both her parents pass away. Jane’s uncle dies when she is very young so she is left in the sole care of her aunt. The aunt does not like Jane and sends her off to a boarding school somewhere in Yorkshire. After her time at school has ended, she stays and works there for a while but then gets a job as a nanny for a girl called Adele where she finally meets Mr. Rochester. I won’t say anymore in case you want to read the book. Many events take place at the house, some of them are very strange with many twists and surprises in the story, I definitely wasn’t expecting some of the events that happened in the novel. My favourite characters were Helen Burns – Jane’s childhood friend from school, Adele and Mrs Fairfax. I did like Mr Rochester as he was an interesting character and as the novel progressed, you gradually learnt more and more about him. Despite Jane Eyre being the main character, I found it hard to get to understand her, however, I did like her more towards the end of the novel, but she definitely wasn’t one of my favourites.

Overall, I really enjoyed the novel and I am glad that I took the time to read it. It was very different to any book I have read before. I give this book a 7 out of 10 stars and recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge and enjoys classic novels. Thank you for reading my review, and now for my exciting news!!!

I have decided to start another blog, it will be on the same website and mixed in with the book review, so if you are already subscribed, you will start getting my new blog posts as well. I will be talking about sexism, women’s rights, women’s issues, my heroes and much more. As a strong feminist, I wanted to blog about what I believe in, and I think that it’s really important that the issues some women have to face are addressed and talked about. I hope you will all enjoy my new blog posts, and don’t worry, there will still be weekly/as often as I can book reviews, so no need to worry. I’m really excited to start blogging about something that’s really important to me and I hope you are as well. So look out for my first Feminist Fridy post.


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