About me 2

I am a teen and I love to read, I created this book blog to share my love of books with other people who feel the same way.

Some people say that if you don’t enjoy reading, you’re doing it wrong, and I couldn’t agree more, It might be that you just started off on the wrong book, so don’t give up if you can’t find any books you like, blogs like mine will help you to find the books that suit you best.

There are not many teen book blogs out there that are written by young people, most of them are written by adults, personally, I don’t think teen book blogs that are written by adults are reliable as adults have different opinions on books than we might have, say for instance an adult raved about an ‘amazing’ teen book so loads of young people read it, but were mislead to reading a rubbish book. So that is why I think It is important that there are some teen book blogs out there, including mine that are written by young people and not adults.

I started reading at 4 years old, reading stuff like books with a sentence on each page. Quickly my reading improved and still is now. I have  high reading age, almost 4 years older than I am. This means I can read a wider variety of books than most young people my age. Which is why I started a book blog, to share my opinions on good an bad books.