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This is not a book review, but it does lead to one.

This is a very exciting thing for me, an author (Chris Morgan) asked me if I would like to read his book, ‘Forestium’ before it is published, obviously I was super excited and agreed. I know have a copy of ‘Forestium’ and I am super excited to read it. After I have read it, I will write a review and by then, the book should be out for everyone to read.

I am super excited about this and cannot wait to tell you guys all about it!! ??

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  1. Hi Lara!

    My name is Jennifer Teeter-Moore and I am an editor and marketing agent. I was curious if you would be interested in reviewing a book for one of my authors, Tina Tatum. I am trying to drum up some publicity for the book so that more people will vote for it on Kindle Scout. I see that you give honest reviews and have built a strong audience of readers. All I would like from you is an honest review of the book, that is, if you are interested in the book. I certainly enjoyed reading and editing it, but here is some more information so you can decide if you would like to write the review:

    “The daughter of the great warrior Kitonga, protector of the Yimbe village, Lyre was always aware of the beauty of combat, which led her to dream of becoming the first female warrior. She received what she asked for and more, but becoming a hero like her father came with a price. She must battle warriors unlike any the Yimbe village has ever seen and face challenges both physical and mental. Lyre is truly a hero unlike any other.”

    Also, here is the Kindle Scout page.

    Here is the Facebook page:

    It is really rough right now, but I will be posting updates about the book on it, including reviews.

    The book is in the nominations stage right now so the more people who hear about it, the more people who can nominate it. I am also just really excited to share this book with the world so any publicity that your review will bring would be much appreciated. We would be happy to send you the book for free if you are interested.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.


    Jennifer Teeter-Moore

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